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Car Loan Leads & Special Finance Leads

Do you want to increase your car sales? Do you want to increase the number of qualified customers you speak to? You can achieve both an increase in sales and the number of qualified potential customers by investing in our auto sales leads program.

Our car sales leads program will produce higher ROI for your dealership than trying to attract customers to your showroom with special offers or freebies. The customer leads you receive through our program are customers who have already indicated a desire to purchase a car. In turn, our auto dealers are able to close a sale quicker with a smaller acquisition cost.

Our auto dealers who have used special finance leads and auto leads from Sumit Car Loans have recorded an
8-10% increase in the sales.

Of course, this number is just an average which means it’s possible to witness more than just an 8-10% increase.

Special Finance/Subprime Auto Finance Leads

Special finance leads, also referred to as subprime auto finance leads, are customers who have a less than perfect credit score (bad credit), have experienced a bankruptcy or have no credit but are willing to incur a higher interest rate on a loan in order to be able to purchase a car.

Guaranteed Credit Scored Leads

If your special finance department is struggling due to lender cutbacks or no traffic on the lot, we have the best answer in the industry to this problem. We now have available car sales leads and special finance leads with GUARANTEED CREDIT SCORES. Learn more about guaranteed credit scored leads.

Lead Generation

Our auto leads and special finance leads are generated through major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Potential car loan borrowers apply directly through one of our 600+ websites. So, our leads are not only fresh but also genuine and delivered in real time. Our car sales leads are also exclusive which means we only sell a lead to one dealer, one time.

Exclusive Territories

Exclusive territories are available for sale where a dealer would acquire all the leads through an exclusive territory. Improve your business and your sales by signing up for an exclusive territory.

To learn more or get started with our program, just complete the form below so that one of our account managers can contact you to discuss our programs and pricing. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your business!

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